Monday, April 07, 2008

Nice weekend

Had a nice weekend getting away for a little while from all the chaos currently taking place in our house. Son has been living with us with his girlfriend and her two year old for six months now, they are planning on moving out in the next month or two. Daughter is supposed to be working, but never seems to get any hours. Consequently she never has money, and she's trying to see how fast it takes to destroy a perfectly good car we still owe a fortune on while I'm stuck driving a beat up old Pick Up truck I bought for the son, who has taken over my minivan because of the girlfriend's son. His son, my grandson, will be joining us in about a month too. He's going out to pick him up as the ex-daughter-in-law has left hubby number two in Tucson and is moving to Phoenix with her new boyfriend and doesn't have much time or room for my grandson. This is turning into a soap opera!
The two year old wants to go out in the back and play, with two dogs and a number of toys what more should he want? Well as soon as you put him out there he's back at the door wanting back in. Worse than a cat.
Wife is having lasek surgery today and will most likely be in pain and turn into a pain in the ass for the rest of the week.
Son and sister's step son are flying out in a couple of weeks to load up Mom and drive her back. She already has an apartment and it will be nice not to have to fly or drive 800 miles when something comes up with her.

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