Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The smirk

He walked into the school production room to drop off a test to be copied. Three women teachers were in there talking to the copy lady. Picking up the order slip and writing on it his name, dept and number of copies to be run it wasn't possible to miss the one lady also sitting at the table doing the same thing. She had and ample bosom and a square top that opened up as she was bending down to write revealing everything not covered up by a low cut push up bra. Averting his eyes so as not to be accused of ogling, staring or being rude (sexual harrasment charges could be leveled if she took offense at how long he admired what was being displayed) she was saying:
"I am so tired of these girls busting out of their tops. I bought ten extra extra large T-shirts and started to make the girls wear them, but that's not enough for some of my classes."
The man placed his test in the wire drop-off basket and walked out the door. Once through the door he couldn't help but grin at the irony of the other teacher's statement.
"What are you smiling at?" The football coach, who was walking by as he exited the copy room said.
He put his fingers to his lips and motioned for the coach to walk with him. When he felt it safe to speak, "Ms. A was in there fussing about the students showing too much cleavage."
At this both men smirked.

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