Thursday, November 13, 2008


The new Bond film is being released tomorrow. It seems that when they release a new one there is a flood of articles analyzing the now 22 movie series, lists of favorite Bonds and Bond girls, villains etc come out.
The one huge fallicy that they point out when they analyze the movies is that Bond did not have an inter-racial partner until Live and Let Die in 1973. Playboy and Yahoo Entertainment reported it this way.
News flash to the news reporters: Asians happen to be of a different race than Europeans. Inter-racial isn't only the difference between black and white! Bond sleeps with an Asian secretary in Dr. No, when he's through has her arrested and kills her boss when he shows up at her flat to kill him. In From Russia With Love he spends a little time with a gypsy girl. In You Only Live Twice, he starts out in bed with a Chinese girl, (even asks her why Chinese girls taste different) then marries a Japanese pearl diver. The series has been inter-racial from the very first movie!


Michael Manning said...

P M: I walked out on the latest Bond movie. I could take no more. The violence was staggering; there was no plot; Daniel Craig kept reminding me of Vladimir Putin and I said to myself "This is not Bond anymore". Nine dollars and fifty cents flushed down the drain. I should've listened to Roger Moore. He said that his last film disturbed him, as that was really the beginning of the violence. He is outspoken against this film which has only the Bond name and I must concur. So disappointing. With Moore, there was fun, romance and clever jokes. All gone. They better revise the franchise. I think many agree with me from what I am hearing.

P M Prescott said...