Friday, November 21, 2008

Parthian Shot

In ancient times there was an empire known as the Parthian Empire. It was the rival empire of Rome in modern day Iran, Armenia and Iraq. The Parthians used mostly cavalry with short bows. They were known for attacking and then retreating, but while they retreated they would turn around on the horse and fire a last arrow at their pursuers. It became known as the Parthian Shot (sometimes referred to as a parting shot)

The Republicans may be in disarray politically, but they are not content to have spent eight years turning everything that was gold in the world to lead. They are leaving with one last shot. The bankrupting of our Automobile Industry and what they hope will be a fatal blow to unionism. By the time Obama takes the oath of office they may all be in liquidation mode. Surprising that they can cough up 700 Billion Dollars to help out white collar gamblers, but are too stingy to help out a manufacturing industry that employs millions of workers world wide! 
The attitude of, if we're going to make a mess for the next president to clean up, lets make it a really big mess.


Michael Manning said...

You know that I'm not a political guy, P M. But among those who escape blame are these board members who need to be replaced. What they have allowed is unacceptable and I'll leave it at that. They have a serious responsibility but they've blown it for too many years. Just my opinion!

P M Prescott said...

And many others