Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's Okay If...

I've been reading and watching the media feeding frenzy concerning a certain Governor of Illinois. Same thing happened to the Governor of New York not long ago. A few questions come to mind:
Why does the Justice Department only go after misdemeanors? I mean if you compare a guy trying to pocket a few bucks on a Senate nomination to say TORTURE, ILLEGAL WIRE TAPPING, AMERICAN CITIZENS HELD FOR YEARS WITHOUT CHARGE OR ACCESS TO COUNCIL. You know FELONIES. 
Where is the media feeding frenzy on this. The media will call having to listen to Madonna or rap music "Torture", but when talking about water boarding, prolonged forced posture, sleep deprivation, temperature fluctuations, this kind of stuff they use "Enhanced Interrogation" or some other euphemism that doesn't sound so bad. Why aren't they crying out for the ones responsible for this to be investigated, and put in prison?

The dummy in Illinois needs to be removed, but if the Justice Department is to gain any credibility it needs to start prosecuting both sides of the aisle (and not just going after Republican turn coats).

Ever since Reagan allowed the acquisition of our media to fall into the hands of a few it has been the lap dog of the Republican Party, winking at them while they falsely are accused of being liberally biased. For well over twenty years the modus operandi has been: IT'S OKAY IF YOU'RE A REPUBLICAN.

This prosecution just reinforces that process. If the FBI wire tapped every governor's conversations I doubt if anyone would avoid prosecution.

"I can take the most innocent of men, have him write two sentences and find therein enough evidence to hang him." ---- Voltaire.

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