Monday, January 12, 2009

Krugman agrees with me!

He didn't say it so many words, but he did have a different take on all the persecutions of Democrats in this state. It is to exonerate or explain the need to fire David Iglesias and the other federal prosecutors that could land Alberto Gonzales and others involved in the scandal in jail. Wow create a scandal to clear up your scandal, what will these wingnuts think up next, and why is anyone still listening to them or allowing them to keep wrecking havoc on the Constitution and our legal system.


One Fly said...

You're probably correct on this.

These people have done whatever they've wanted whenever they wanted because they could.

P M Prescott said...

I know.

Michael Manning said...

Both parties do this and this is the acrimony of Washington that makes any young person today winse at the notion of a career in politics. I am sorry if others disagree. But I am not into partisan bickering or evil deeds. Both do it and both are wrong. When a righteous brother or sister of any party calls out those who seek retribution, they are targeted within! This is the environment the new president is entering. God help him!