Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Let the Festivities begin

Such a contrast between the mood of the country when the will of the people prevail over the will of five justices of the Supreme Court.
Bush had to be driven quickly to his first inaugural while people pelted the limousine with eggs. Obama has over a million people there to cheer him on.
Bush is leaving embattled, bitter and resolute to the end in his ignorance and incompetence. I doubt he will have to face criminal charges even though he has admitted to ordering torture. Despite the impassioned plea by Keith Olberman yesterday and the rising chorus of legal scholars around the country. History will judge him and I hope very harshly.
It's way too early to tell how Obama will leave office, he just got sworn in for God's sake. My prayers are that it will be with his head held high and many accomplishments we will all be proud to remember.

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