Sunday, January 04, 2009

Stardate 010409.1845

Our governor has withdrawn his name from being considered as commerce secretary. It seems a company that was awarded a state contract is being investigated because it contributed to his last election. Richardson made the statement that he expects to be exonerated of any wrong doing, but that (surprise surprise) the investigation will take so long that it will delay his confirmation. 

Think of Rowan and Martin's Laugh In, where there was the German soldier that would pop up and say, "Very Interesting...."

A little analysis: yesterday our now former female national representative (Little Miss Nasty) who was soundly slimed by her fellow former congressman in the Senate primary last spring, is announcing plans on running for governor in 2010. 
Connecting the dots:
If Richardson is in Washington doing his usual excellent job (former Interior Secretary, Ambassador to the U.N.) and Diane Dennish becomes governor, with his support and two years of experience Little Miss Nasty would have a real hard time getting elected.
Enter stage left the federal prosecutor that her senator mentor (now retired) and she fought so hard to get put into this position (causing the Prosecutor firing scandal that led to the sacking of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales), who now brings this grand jury investigation.
Call me a conspiracy nut, but the track record of this Justice Department's federal prosecutors for it's timing and bringing charges against prominent  Democrats or rogue Republicans is way beyond coincidental. So also is the disproportionate pettiness of the charges when compared to the blatant crimes of noted Republicans that get a free pass.
Come on, if you investigated every company that was awarded a 1.5 million dollar state contract that contributed to a politician's campaign fund you'd be investigating and indicting every politician in the country!!!!

Time is running out for the crooks in power, and they're doing every dirty trick they can think of to prolong the day when the gravy train is over for them. The one thing they are good at is making a mountain out of a molehill, and character assassination. They've tied up two vital senatorial appointments, and are setting up someone to take back the governorship of New Mexico. They're making such a mess economically, militarily and diplomatically that they're hoping Obama will forget to clean up the nest of vipers in the Justice Department. That's how the thieves in high places will regain power.

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