Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pendulum picking up steam

If the election of 2006 marked the Thermadorian reaction that started the political pendulum swinging towards the left, the election of Obama and majority control of congress made it pick up steam, today pushed it to warp speed. Arlen Specter senator from Pennsylvania just switched sides. He's becoming a democrat. That gives the dims 59 seats, when the marathon bullshit session concerning Al Franken is finally settled that means the magic number has been reached. A filibuster proof congress. Slowly the party that has gone from Bushco to Rushco has alienated anyone with half a brain. 
What does this mean? (With crossed fingers of hope)
  • Health care reform will happen. Breath a big sigh of relief. It may not be perfect, it may mean rationing, but the train has left the station. (I hope I'm not being too optimistic, blue dogs may still bite this in the ass.)
  • Much needed regulation of Wall Street and banks have a better chance of being enacted.
  • Investigation of Bushco's abuse of power with possible prosecution on torture. This is what turned Specter, he wants to restore checks and balances, or so he says.
  • More stimulus should it be needed.
There are still a number of things I'm not pleased that Obama has done or not done so far, but only in my wildest dreams did I think there would be a filibuster proof congress before 2011. 


One Fly said...

Have you factored in Lieberwhore PM?

P M Prescott said...

Yes, he's an independent.