Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Forbidden Subject

Since the president's speech on the subject. I thought I'd tackle the subject here. I'm going to invoke the A word. 

Gulp, take big breath, look around to see if anyone around is armed, find a quick escape route, okay here it goes:
My position on the subject of abortion is PERSONALLY OPPOSED PRO-CHOICE.
Whenever a poll is taken that includes this as an option is rings up around 50% of the respondents. Gallup and the other pollsters try to keep the issue between the two options of Pro-life or pro-choice. Those that fall into the POP-C category usually go pro-life. This distorts the real feeling of the general public.
Americans believe, by and large, in free will. 
Americans believe, by and large, in letting people live their own lives. 
Americans by and large want to live their own lives without someone else shoving their beliefs down their throats.
American's by and large don't want to shove their beliefs down someone else's throat.
It's only a fraction of the population that wants to live everybody else's life for them whether they are conservative or liberal. The problem with zealots is that they can speak in sound bites and get their message broadcast by radio and tv. It's so simple to reduce the issue to a picture of fetuses or a sign with a coat hanger with a line drawn across it.
Would most women want to have an abortion? No
Would most men want their wife, girl friend, daughter or any other woman they care about to get an abortion? No
Do most of them want to play God and tell other people what they can or can't do with their body? No
You know in my book this is just manners. The type of manners we used to cherish, where we minded out own business and did not intrude into the private life of others. 


swordfish1543 said...

Thank you.
Yes, it IS possible to be personally opposed to abortion but NOT seek to impose your moral choice on the rest of the world.

If only the folks who display the bumper-sticker "You can't be Catholic and pro-choice" could see the logic of this position!

P M Prescott said...

People who have those bumper stickers don't use logic, that requires thinking not dogma.

grandma1 said...

You have opened up a can of worms. Would you prefer the choice of an abortion for your daugther at this time and circumstances in her life? Think of a hospital or the back alley coat hanger option. We can't tell other people what to do with crises in there lives. The choice of a hospital rather than the back alley has to be there. Some people use to be affluent enough to fly to other countries for this procedure. This left awhole lot of others with only the back alley alternative.

P M Prescott said...

The root of all the abortion fuss is the economic double standard. The laws against abortion only applied to the poor.