Friday, July 03, 2009


Many are writing the obituaries of most newspapers around the country. The Albuquerque Tribune and Rocky Mountain News around here are gone. I have been at times rather critical (with good reason) with Newspapers and other forms of what has become Mainstream Media (msm). Politically they have become the propaganda machine of the Republican party.
What is sometimes forgotten is the human interest sections and other non-political aspects of newspaper, tv and radio.
Last year as my sister was living out her last few months. The Dallas Morning News ran a 5 piece expose on Palliative care. At my family and friends blog I posted Penni's visit to our father's grave last summer which was documented by Sonya N. Hancock, their photographer. The series of articles ran last December and has now been published in its entirety as an insert. Penni was only one of many patients mentioned and the focus of the articles was the hard working, caring, extraordinary nurses and other workers that make those living out their last days as humane as possible. One of the tv stations in Dallas took the story and video footage and ran human interest pieces in support of this series.
This has brought home to me that there is more about the msm than politics or gossip. At their best they can educate and bring to life much of what makes our world worth living in. Should most major newspapers close more will be lost than jobs.

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