Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Rant coming on

This says it all.

Bruce is helping puttng together a nice little get together in Norman Oklahoma next month that we're planning on attending. Former President Jimmy Carter will be there.
It's been thirty years since he gave a frank and honest speech to the American people. In the language of the day he "told it like it was." It's called the Malaise speech. Since then it's been known that "The People" don't want to be told the truth, just blow smoke up their ass and they'll vote for you and think you're a demi-god like Uncle Ronnie, George I and W. Tell them what they want to hear not what they need to hear. Lie your ass off and they'll faithfully march to their deaths half way across the world singing your praises. The only thing that ruined thier parade was when they dipped too heavily into the average American's pocket book and stole too many people houses out from under them.
The biggest concern financially under Carter was that mortgages were too high and the average worker couldn't afford to buy a house. Now they can't affort their mortgages and are losing them. Moral of the story: Don't fuck with people's houses.
Carter was a mediocre president beset with huge problems; most notably the hostage situation in Iran which single handedly killed his chance for re-election. His boycott of the Moscow olympics was perhaps one of the stupidest decisions ever made from the oval office.
He has become though one of the most influential ex-presidents we've ever had. (John Quincy Adams would be number one in this catagory).

The only thing missing from the Republican Senators questioning Sotomayor yesterday was frothing at the mouth. I'm on record as saying this lady is nothing to get all too exicited about as her appointment is just maintaining the status quo when we need to shift the pendulum back not keep it in check.

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Michael Manning said...

I think President Carter is a very moral man. I understand he had a Naval appointment on a Nuclear sub and his IQ is very high. No doubt about mistakes. Agree with you on the Olympic withdrawal which was heartbreaking. However, my philosophy is that each person has their areas of strengths and weaknesses. President Carter has a strong understanding of the personalities on the international scene and of course, I look at what he has been doing in civilian life. His Habitat for Humanity work is quite admirable. I would not wish the Presidency on anyone. Let us know how it goes!