Monday, March 29, 2010

Stardate 032910.1514

In two days I'm officially retired. Friday was my last day in the classroom. I'll make out grades when they open the window on the computer for this six weeks on Wednesday I'm officially over the hill.
When I made the decision to do this it felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulder and I couldn't wait until the day would come. Then as it got nearer the more I dreaded 27 and a half years coming to an end.
It's dawned on me that in December and January I was burned out. The financial stress added to the stupid schedule our superintendant forced on us this year along with the testing and usual student attitudes had formed a perfect storm. The bankruptcy has settled the financial stress and for the first time in a long time paying our monthly bills in not a major concern. With that load lifted all of a sudden the problems at school didn't seem so big and it dawned on me that if it weren't for Bushco fucking the working class over with his new and improved bankruptcy law I wouldn't be leaving a job that I still care about and the students I actually enjoy teaching.
I remembered in the movie Star Trek Generations Captain Kirk tells Picard not to leave the captain's chair because that the only place to make a difference (paraphrased).
Well I've got news for Bushco. Their games are made to be played. I've been forced to drop out of teaching for six weeks, and I think I'll enjoy it, but I can also drop back in. That's right! reading the fine print of retirement I found out that I can go back to teaching without having to sit out a year (that's only if I want to double dip). If I want I can go back to teaching in the fall.
I've got sixteen weeks to decide what I want to do and only I will decide my fate. Bush and the Republican can go fuck themselves.


One Fly said...

Second that Pat. 1.4 mil being cut here.32 positions affected.

Never is the correlation drawn to the Bush's and the war for lies in Iraq.

P M Prescott said...

I'm going to post what's happening here financially in the schools, it's frightening. The chickens are really coming home to roost on the Bush years.