Friday, May 07, 2010

Big Badda Boom

Have you ever had one of those days, usually a Friday, when you get home and are totally exhausted? All you feel like doing is putting in a movie that takes you away from reality, into a different world, or place or time?
Isn't that what movies are all about?
Well yes, to an extent. Then there comes along a movie like Fifth Element that fits the bill to a T.

The filming, acting and story are just fun. Telling the plot wouldn't help explain why this movie transports the wife and me to a place of escape. It just does.

For all my readers if you're looking for a movie that helps you leave reality for a brief period of time, check it out.

There's a scene where Leeloo, (Mila Jovavich) falls from the sky into Corbin Dallas's (Bruce Willis) flying taxi. She gets up and starts jabbering. She ends by saying, "boom, big badda boom"
Dallas then smiles and says, "Boom, that's the one thing I understand."

At first we bought a video and then a DVD. Around two or three times a year one of us will come home and look at the other and say, "Big Badda Boom?" Then we pull this movie out and go to a world far far away.

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