Monday, June 14, 2010

The Evening Went Well

There was a good turn out for the Writer's 2 writers meeting tonight. Our condolences are still extended to Irene for the loss she suffered. A card was passed around and everyone signed it.
On the topic of Fact Checking a number of those present voiced how this either takes away from the enjoyment of the book, film or tv show and in some cases makes them close the book or switch the channel.
In non-fiction it was mentioned that if you read a foot note that you know to be wrong, stop reading because you don't know what else is wrong you missed.
Geography was also mentioned as needing to right. Maybe readers outside the area won't know the difference, but those who live in that location will know it and be turned off.
Other types of facts include dates, dress, and food. Many comments were made concerning the need for politicians to do a little more fact checking.
Research methods were then discussed and a number of questions were raised concerning misconceptions and changes is facts as new research can change historical beliefs.
All in all a very enjoyable meeting.

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