Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Two Cents

Since just about everyone is saying something about the Muslim Community Center proposed near "Ground Zero" I thought I'd speak up.
Actually I hadn't wanted to be a lemming, but the wife and I got into a discussion about it. She's usually not into debating hot button issues so that makes this something I need to speak up about.

The president took an oath to uphold the Constitution which is basically what his quote did. The crazies are naturally milking the issue for all the free publicity they can get, and others are naturally falling into the trap of refuting bullshit.

I look to the Amish community as the best example on how to handle a situtuation like this. A man killed their children then committed suicide. As a community they reached out to the dead man's family and included them in the healing process. They turned the other cheek, they prayed for those who dispitefully used them, they loved their enemy, and found peace.

If the Christians howling like mad dogs against this proposed community center were actually following their core belief they would embrace this group, join with them and work to heal the damage done nine years ago. These professional whiners don't want peace, there's no money in it.


One Fly said...

That was worth at least 60 cents PM!!

P M Prescott said...

Well that accounts for inflation.