Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Backhand grateful

I'm not sure how much of a fight it will be. Wife loves to watch these stupid reality shows. Idol is over, and soon so will Talent, only just as those are out of the way comes Dancing. This time instead of an old fart Republican they're passing as a "Star" the daughter of an Alaskan quitter whose only claim to fame is that she was pregnant, out of wedlock and somehow that get passed off as being pro-family because she didn't get an abortion.
I refuse to watch a show where the kool-aide drinkers get to vote her on week after week. Which is a good thing, it's a convenient excuse to not watch a show I'm really not that interested in.
Well, Brook Burke showing up every week in cleavage revealing evening gowns did make it bearable.


Anonymous said...

I've never watched this "Dancing with the Stars" show, but I heard somewhere that Ann Coulter and Condi Rice were both offered the chance to be on it.

Is there some sort of affirmative action for Republicans on Reality TV, or what?

P M Prescott said...

I don't know, but this time it was over the line.