Sunday, November 21, 2010

Stardate 112110.0900

Captain's Log:
  • Good friend and fellow blogger, Rus, is facing dire times beyond understanding. Please leave him a comment of support.
  • Still looking for a publisher for Human Sacrifices that will put it in an e-book and/or Kindle format without charging an arm and a leg.
  • New story After It Hits The Fan is coming along nicely after a three week hiatus due to cold. Need to get with Russ and Butch for some insights for the story.
  • Fellow curmudgeon Woody has a post that the title bothered me. I run into a lot of people now that have the same feeling and express the same idea. I don't blame them. If a Hindu, Muslim, Jew or Druid were cramming their beliefs down my throat I'd feel the same way.
  • To set the record straight: God is not "my God." Jesus is not, "my Jesus." I don't own them. I am theirs because I believe in them. My belief is personal. I don't force it on anyone, but if asked by others I will share what I believe. When I write my books I express my belief, but the public has the option to buy or not to buy. More than anything what I admire most about God and Jesus is their insistence on a believer's free will.
  • The organized religion that Woody, the Cornfield Blog, and others rail against has nothing to do with faith. It's the moral mafia's violation of free will that is the cause of our objection.


One Fly said...

It why I respect you and what you have to say Patrick.

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