Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy Now?

A little over two years ago on election night Bill O'Reilly made a statement. He isn't a conservative. He is an anarchist.
At least he's truthful about it. All the people running around saying government is the problem and we need to get rid of it may call themselves the Tea Party, or libertarians or dog shit, for all I care. They're anarchists.
Arizona is becoming the anarchist capital of America. Texas has been replaced as the home of rabid crazy. It's such a pretty sight living in a place where the rule of law has been replaced by rule of the gun.

Both sides of congress are weeping crocadile tears for the dead and wounded, just like they did when abortion doctors were murdered in their homes and at church. Nothing changed about the rhetoric or the laws then, and it won't now.

Here are my sociological rules impending anarchy:

1. When Church and State merge everything is fucked up. (Me)
2. When religion takes up arms the world's in a pile of shit. (Barry Sadler Casca: The Samarai)
3. The more religious a community or country is the closer it is to barbarism. (Gore Vidal)

Pro Life assassins and bombers, Osama Ben Laden, Timothy McVeigh: Do it in the name of Heaven, you can justify it in the end. Song One Tin Soldier

Meanwhile back at the bank we're all getting screwed by the magicians who let their pet media outlets provide smoke screen for them robbing us all blind. This did happen as the Massachussettes state Supreme Court ruled that banks can't forclose on homes unless they can prove they actually have title to the property in question. Whew talk about fortutious that something big happened to move this juicy piece of information off the radar. But then again someone in Hollyweird is always getting divorced, pregnant, being sent to rehab, getting out of rehab, etc.


One Fly said...

I sense a bit of anger in you these days Patrick. That and a shit load of common sense reality. Well said!

And yes nothing will change except for the worse.

P M Prescott said...

Russ, that much is always certain.