Sunday, February 13, 2011


People who don't have children always seem to know best how to raise them, and are usually very vocal to parents, they even right books telling parents how they're doing it wrong.
Some fat couch patato watching the super bowl always knows more about how to coach the team. mea culpa
Bill Maher on his last show admitted that he's never been married. Then on his new rules he has a diatribe on the overuse of pornography by married men. It seems he thinks that married men have gotten lazy and would rather stare at a computer screen with young, beautiful, naked women having sex in every combination probable and improbable than have sex with their wives. That women are alone crying because their husbands don't want to make love to them anymore. What a crock of shit.
If that woman would stop crying, sit on her hubby's lap, kiss him on the neck, rub his back and tell him she wants him most men would find a way to part the Red Sea with a straw.
Maher asserts that porn used to be plan b, but has now become plan a. How the hell would he know the dynamics of a marriage and what constitutes plan a and plan b? He's rich, a celebrity, parties at the Playboy mansion. A chick magnet. They give it to him pro boner. (sic)
Here's where someone who's never been married, and many who are and some have been numerous times don't understand the contract.
  1. Marriage is an economic union. Depending on the division of labor with a single wage earner or both working, it's about sharing costs.
  2. Avoiding loneliness. Why do so many once they get divorced rush back into another marriage, they can't stand the loneliness. Marriage is about sharing: bodies, bed, conversation, time. What makes a person lonely is not having anyone to share things with.
  3. Raising children. Yuppies may have skipped this option because they'd rather substitute luxury items instead of assuming the financial burden of kids. In old age it's a choice some will regret.
  4. Sex is the attractant that brings the couple together in modern society. I'm all in favor of an arranged marriage for my daughter, but for some reason she thinks that's too old fashioned. She's 24 and still single, somehow the new fashion isn't working for her.
  5. Within marriage romance comes and goes matching the rhythm of life. A marriage is a marathon. If you burn up all your energy in the first few miles there's nothing left for the next twenty or more.
  6. Many complications set in that relegate sex to the back burner of a relationship: health issues, time issues, privacy issues, trust issues, money issues, work stress, parental responisibilities. Most of these affect women in greater proportion than men when it comes to libido. There are exceptions to every generality. There are many women who are unsatisfied because their husbands have a lower libido, but two people's sex drive, no matter how much they love each other will not always match up. What makes sex special is when it does.
  7. Even the man who gets all the sex he wants in his free time will look at other women, fantasize and be tempted (Jimmy Carter PB interview 11/76 issue). It's genetic. The best way to control our DNA is to make it mental (lust in heart) and not physical. Erotica and porn are safety valves for men who desire to live up to the marriage contract and stay faithful to their wives. Hypocritical religious leaders wanting to mind fuck the sheep into thinking sex is dirty, women who judge men as inferior because they see no need for visual stimuli, and a never been married wealthy comedian have no right to condemn men for having or using this safety valve.

Whew, was it as good for you as for me?

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