Tuesday, August 02, 2011


Letting the Bush Tax cuts continue was about the stupidest thing Obama did up to this day, but he'd been promised by Boehner that there wouldn't be a fight over extending the debt ceiling. Hmm, remember when Hitler promised Chamberlin that all he wanted was the Sudentenland?
At least England figured out that Hitler couldn't be trusted and stood up to him.
Now Obama is imitating another figure from history, Marshall Pitain, who collaborated with the Nazi's and set up Vichy France.
I got an urgent e-mail from the guy heading Obama's reelection campaign saying that Obama has the Republicans right where he wants them for the 2012 election. So what! When will he grow a back bone and stand up to the bully's?

I'm reminded of a Roman Emperor who was captured by the Parthians in battle. He spent two years chained and brought out to act as a step stool so the Parthian King could mount his horse. When the King tired of this he was flayed alive.
What will be Obama's fate since he's surrendered his integrity and moral standing to the opposition without a fight?

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