Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Golfing Ambience

Started being a course marshall. With the hospital and doctors bills from wife's surgery last month this is the only way I'll be able to afford golf for years to come.
Saturday a strip club had a tournament and I was there to keep the drunks off the grass on par 3's, speed up play, make sure they didn't bring in their own booze and do other really stupid stuff. Each foursome had at least 2 girls sitting on their laps as they drove between hits. I know sitting around watching prettty girls in tank tops or polo shirts without bras is a dirty job, but someone has to do it.
On the greens the girls would sit behind the hole and put their legs out in a V shape, or bend over so their cleavage would give the guy a target to shoot for. There were three high school boys that had the job of collecting the trash at the recepticle on each hole. You would not believe how fast they filled up with beer bottles. When the day was over they all went to the manager in the pro shop and said this was one job they didn't want to leave. The boy at the 18th green who washes down clubs for tips was invited to hit a 15 foot put between one gals legs. He's leaving in a week for to play at a small college's golf team. He'll remember sinking that putt and use it as inspiration from now on.
The girls riding in the concession carts, they had four of them out there, made more tips in five hours than they normally do in a month. Those guys would hold up play for 30 minutes buying stuff off the cart, the group behind didn't fuss because they were waiting for the cart to get to them.
One guy broke a back window on a house and the owner came out wanting to get the golfer's name, who naturally wouldn't give it to him. Problem was homeowner was a cop and had three squad cars there pretty quick. Nobody said how it was resolved, but the manager told the homeowner that's the risk you take when you buy a house around a golf course.
Riding around yesterday and it was really slow from noon until around 3pm. Too bloody hot for most people. I found I was getting as much satisfaction riding around the course picking up broken tee on the tee boxes, putting sand in the divots, cleaning up stray trash with my grabbit and shagging wayward range balls on the holes close to the driving range as if I was out there golfing. One Fly might know what I'm talking about since he works at a golf course in CO. There's just a love of nature while you're out there. Hitting the ball and getting into the hole just give you something to do while you're enjoying nature at it's manicured finest.


One Fly said...

I do Patrick and you were doing what a ranger is supposed to be doing. Good on you and I'm happy you were able to get this job because if I have to pay anything at all to play it is not going to happen.

As for the other stuff going on I find it rather disgusting and I lose most respect for guys when you get booze and women together on a golf course.

And you are correct in that you never know what might be seen at anytime when you go out there.

I'm going up to Hollydot in Colorado City soon to see if there is anything I can contribute with the 25 years of experience I have to get some free golf. If not it ain't happening.

Can you get me on?????

You're going to have fun out there Pat.

P M Prescott said...

With your experience and the number of golf courses around here the possiblility of getting a job would be pretty good at a casino course. The munis and private courses are hurting right now. The one I'm at is talking about shutting down for a month and redoing it as a target course to cut their water bill in half.
There's Twin Warriors, Santa Ana, Paako Ridge (summer only), Cochiti, Sandia, and Isleta within a thirty minutes drive from ABQ. There's the base course and four country club courses as well. You might come down and check things out. If Russ is in town we might make an afternoon of it.

One Fly said...

No work Pat just free golf. But I tell you let's us three and another if you want meet and play Paako Ridge in early October. I'm certain I can get us on for FREE!!

P M Prescott said...

I'd love to play again at Paako, it's a little out of my price range right now. I think they close down middle or late October depending on how cold it gets up there. Whenever Russ gets back in town we'll get together and try to set a date.

One Fly said...

I need to get out of town before I can think too far ahead. Things are not going well right now.