Friday, September 09, 2011

Shame on Channel 4 news

Watched Obama's speech. It's about bloody time he came out firing instead of being the punching bag. I only watch channel 4 news as the other two local stations are over the top in their bias. Last night and this morning channel 4 said the jobs bill would be paid for by taxing the rich. Nothing was even remotely mentioned about raising taxes in this speech. The Republicans don't have to get up and lie to the American people to sabatoge the bill. The media can do it for them by misreporting it.

My take, Obama's doing a Harry Truman 1948. Running against a "do nothing" congress and blaming the opposition for the lack of improvement on the economy. There's no way the Senate, controlled by Republicans, will pass this bill. It would kill their chances of getting one of their dunderheads like Rick Perry elected. Obama just might be using political ju-jitsu to use their strength against them.

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