Thursday, November 03, 2011

A Military Approach to Stimulus

Ruined chapel had an interesting take on a few Krugman articles about Military Keynesianism and the Repugs. This gave me a thought of how to get a stimulus package through congress that all congress critters would vote for. Since all spending will be done for military reasons its all in the packaging.
1. Rebuilding infastructure. We will spend money rebuilding the decaying railroads, interstates and bridges for good sound military logistical reasons. They were built by President General Eisenhower to facilitate troop and material transport, and the need is even greater now since we are fighting three hot wars instead of one cold one. Being able to get our humvees, tanks, and troops from California to North Carolina is even more important now than then.
2. Childhood military training. JROTC is too wishy washy at civilian schools. Lets build at every city of over 100,000 population one military school. For a city of over a million one military school for every service branch. It would be a magnate school for parents to send their disobedient children, and for all the behavior disordered students expelled from public schools, and it would be cheaper for the parents than private schools. Military discipline would be implemented including corporal punishment, rigorous exercise programs would help with childhood obesity, the esprit de corps manifested would help curb gang activity within the cities and we'd have a ready made crop of cannon fodder to feed into the war making machine.
3. Military bases. Every town between 20,000 and 75,000 in population that wants one gets a military base. What were we thinking in closing down military bases within our borders and building them six thousand miles away. Congress critters can proudly vote for something that will bring economic prosperity to their states and create wonderful payday and title loan jobs. Besides what else are you going to do with all the graduates of those military schools. It doesn't matter if we build a naval base in Arizona, there are lots of lakes to put patrol boats for training purposes.
4. Militarize our borders. Every paved or graveled road gets checkpoints and thorough vehicle searches by drug and explosive sniffing dogs. We not only build the wall between us and Mexico we build a fort every ten miles with trenches between and keep troops in them 24/7. Let one of those illegals show his head and it's over the top. We do the same with Canada, we certainly don't want them coming down here to use our medical facilities. We can build naval bases every fifty miles along our coasts to stop and inspect all shipping fifty miles out at sea to stop all drugs and illegals from reaching out shores. We can send all those trying to get here from Cuba and Haiti in life rafts and innertubes back home long before they can set food on our pristine beaches. All airports will have an airforce base than is responsible for security against terrorist attacks, drugs and illegals.
5. Its a job, stupid. Every physically fit person between the ages of 18 and 30 applying for welfare or unemployment benefits is given the choice of nothing or enlisting in the military. Think of all the medicaid, food stamp and money that will be saved.

Lets put the undeserving poor to work. Give them training and a gun.

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