Saturday, February 25, 2012

Blue Noses Ruin Everything

Smashwords sent out an e-mail today telling all writers of erotica that there are three more subjects that can't be written about. They already prohibited minors in sexual situations or present during them. Pay Pal gave them an ultimatum of one week to purge all stories with these elements included in them. Since Pay Pal handles all their financial transactions including credit card purchases they have no choice but to comply.
Now you can't write about Bestiality (unless it's in human form for the were-people and shape shifters) Kill someone okay, have sex - verboten, Rape that is tittilating (who decides what's tittilating and what's not), and Incest even pseudo-incest as between step parents and step children or non biological siblings.
Okay lets put this into perspective.
Sorry Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet is now considered kiddy porn. Juliet is only 13.
Paris: Women younger than she are mothers already made.
Summer of 42 is now banned.
Classical Greek mythology is out since you can't mention the offspring of a woman (wife of Minos) and a bull: The Minotaur. Tough luck Theseus. No more downloading Oedopus Rex and I guess Psychology will have to rename the Oedopal syndrome. It's okay to kill children and prepare them as a meal (Anachreon), murder your mother (Orestes), sacrifice your daughter for fair winds (Agamemenon), conduct assassins into the palace to kill your mother (Electra) Murder you son's to spite your husband (Medea).
Sorry but all Bibles will now have to take out Genesis or delete the part where Lot sleeps with his two daughters. Judah son of Israel thinks his daughter-in-law is a harlot and sleeps with her getting her with child. Same for II Chronicles and I Kings where Absalom rapes his half-sister Tamar.
Is the Levital law requiring the wife of a dead brother being forced to marry a living brother to carry on his line now a forbidden subject?
What are women going to read if all Bodice rippers with Fabio on the cover are banned? Too bad Gone With The Wind  fans Rhet Butler can't grab Scarlet and carry her upstairs anymore.
Can't write anything about Woody Allen either.
What are they going to do with Robert Heinlein's Time Enough For Love? As Heinlein said, "Sacred Cows make the best hamburger."

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