Monday, March 19, 2012

Real Politics

Russ and I have been planning his run for President in 2016. Meanwhile a friend of my mothers' Candelaria (Candy) Patterson is actually running for the State House of Representatives for the newly formed District 26. I've chipped in $50 bucks to start building her campaign treasury and helped her write a speech she gave at the meeting of the West Side Democrats last week. When she gave the speech she scrapped about 90% of what I advised her on. My Twin from Colorado came down this weekend looking for a job in Roswell. She spent a night coming and going back with Mom. Last night she took her to Candy's where she designed her campaign logo. It's too bad her district is across I-40 from where I live so I can't vote for her. It looks like this is going to be an interesting election year.


One Fly said...

you never mentioned there was a clone of you

going twice

P M Prescott said...

She's not a literal twin. A spiritual twin and we've been raising the roof together since we reconnected six years ago after a thirty year hiatus.