Thursday, November 01, 2012

Psst, quiet it's a secret

Most of you know I'm e-publishing novels and stories on Amazon and Smashwords under my name Patrick Prescott.
Well I ran into a problem. Some of my stories are distressing to my wife, mother and some of the more uptight religious friends, but what can I say, the characters keep taking me into directions they want to go and if that means describing a woman in all the beauty God created her with so be it. Anyway those stories are now published under my Pen Name.
So if you feel up to a little erotica check out stories by Javan Tenebrae at Amazon. com and They can also be found at I-books, Barnes and Nobles.
Some of my titles include three anthologies of flash stories;
Flash Stories: Married Love
Erotic Flash Stories
More Erotic Flash Stories

Short Stories:
First Friday: Aug-Oct (Okay this is the one where I went off the deep end and is a littel more PC-17 than the others)
Car Hop
Companion: Sasha's Story
Super Erotic Bowl I

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