Saturday, January 22, 2011


Went golfing yesterday temp in the 30's with 20mph winds. I had to bundle up, but it was nice as not too many idiots were out there that early. Finished the first nine in 1 1/2 hours. Foursome walking the back nine slowed me down, but it had warmed up to the 40's by then. Usually at La Dera on a Friday or weekend it can take up to six hours to get in 18 holes.
There are loads of geese and ducks this time of year. The course in about 2 miles from the Rio Grande so you see plenty of V-shaped flocks going back and forth. I snapped a picture with my cell phone of a couple of geese that are pretty tame. The other picture is where my second shot at the par 4 9th hole rested. I usually have a hard time getting a 6 on this hole as the water hazzard in front of the green acts like a magnet for my ball. It would be nice to claim a birdie for the hole, but as usual I missed the putt and settled for a par. Still for me a par is two shots better than normal. I love golfing this time of year as I'm not the longest hitting of golfers and with the ground like concrete I get an extra 50 to 60 yards on the roll. When the grass gets green I really miss those extra yards.


One Fly said...

Any par is a good one and cannot hit it that far. Never could anyway.

My philosophy is is this. Putting for a par you better make it because you may not get another crack at it. Happens a lot on the first hole it seems.

There's so damn much snow around. Glad you got to golf.

P M Prescott said...

That's why I love it here. I don't miss the winters in Pueblo growing up at all.