Saturday, December 22, 2012

Time to move on.

A long long time ago growing up there was this magazine all boys tried to sneak a peek at. My father never subscribed so it was infrequently at a friend's house when the parents were away that I could actually get to see a centerfold.
 In high school I worked a Christmas rush and the summer after graduation and before going off to college at a drug store. In the men's room the magazine saleman always placed a copy of Playboy and Penthouse as a courtesy. I enjoyed Playboy, thought Penthouse needed to clean their lenses. The first copy of Playboy I purchased was the November 1976 issue with the interview of Jimmy Carter.  I was a student at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary living alone as ex-wife was back in Albuquerque in the hospital. The marriage didn't last, but I bought every issue of Playboy since that time. In my second and lasting marriaage wifey has never approved, but grew to accept that nothing she said or did would keep me from "my magazine." She still gives me judgemental stares.
When Zinio put it out in digital format I converted because over the years my closet was filling up with past issues. I joined the Cyber Club twelve years ago and downloaded all the pm's, cc's coeds, celebrities, etc available. My external harddrive overfloweth. I also got rid of all but the best of the hard copies.
Then I don't know what happened, PB started skipping issues to save on printing costs, Penthouse went digital exclusively, which would have been a smart move for PB too, but they trimmed down from 12 issues a year to 10. No big deal actually. When PB started the models were the same age as my mother, when I first glimpsed at the centerfolds the models were like older sisters, when I started buying them they were the same age, then they became younger sisters and now they're younger than my daughter. They've also tended to blur over the years, the novelty of new tits and ass has waned. The articles in the magazine still have a few things to catch my interest, but the advice column and the political pages haven't said anything new in thirty years.
Still it was selling the cyber club to an outside group who ruined the whole experience. What replaced the CC is a total pooch screw. There's no rhyme or reason to it. The old standby catagories are out and there's no more Cyber girl of the month or year, Coed of the month or year. The only good aspect is that all shoots are zip filed and you don't have to download them individually, but then you get backlogged in undoing the zips, choosing the pix you want to keep and discarding the many you don't. And when yo do because the catagories are jumbles you discover you already downloaded a number of the files. Much of the joy is gone so I've cancelled my subscriptions. Hef my still be breathing and screwing girls young enough to be his great-great-great-granddaughter and all power to him, but for me it's time to move on.


One Fly said...

You explained that very nicely Pat.

Will those looks stop now?

P M Prescott said...

No, I still have my hard drive.

One Fly said...

Nice one!