Monday, December 15, 2008

Bush's Retort

I always criticized those who bad mouthed Clinton, the moral mafia that ran him down over every little petty thing he did. I found it disrespectful of the institution of the Presidency. In the last eight years I've been guilty of the same disrespect towards Bush. Yes Clinton sullied the oval office by having a groupie (not that he was the first or will be the last) and getting caught, literally, with his pants down. But Bush has wrecked so much havoc it's been hard not to label him for his stubbornness, egoism, total idiot, anti-midas, liar, Der Decider (my favorite), torturer-in-chief, etc.
It's hard also not to praise the brave Iraqi journalist who has suffered much at the decisions this president has made and expressed himself so eloquently by throwing his shoes at Bush yesterday. I feel sorry for the few who were in some way injured in the demonstration of free speech, but there's that part of me that wishes the guy had better aim. The presidency should be respected, but Bush the man deserves all the contempt that this act exemplified.
It's Bush's comments afterwards speaking about the right to voice dissent as a way perhaps educate the Iraqi's about free speech that really galls.
In his eight years as Der Decider he has not faced dissent. He set up "Free Speech" zones well removed from his presence, for anyone who wasn't hand picked to attend his rallies. He turned a blind eye for years as he drove by in his armor plated, bullet proof, paid for by the taxpayers, limousine; a Blue Star mother wanting to know why her son died at the hands of Al Sadr's militia and we were supporting the man. There has never been a president so removed from all voices of opposition and dissent than this man: JUST WHO THE HELL IS HE TO LECTURE ANYONE ON FREEDOM OF SPEECH!


One Fly said...

He is and will be the worst presiden ever. The whole world is laughing at him over the shoes. I don't even think he has a clue about it.

P M Prescott said...

No he doesn't. Neither do all those who voted for him.