Saturday, December 13, 2008

My Take on the corruption scandal

I'm rather disappointed in Scott Horton. He posted yesterday about how true blue and honest Patrick Fitzgerald is that's prosecuting the Illinois Governor. I remember when Mukasy was being named to replace Gonzales the Horton knew him and praised him highly, then hasn't had a good thing to say about his performance. After all these years of seeing perfectly honest and respectable people turning to the dark side or being thrown under a bus by the Neocon mafia he's missed this one.
All praise to the guy who nailed Scooter Libby, but somehow didn't get enough dirt on Cheney or Rove, hmmm, not convinced he did his best.
Now look at the timing of this case ("Could be worse," Igor says while digging up a corpse, "could be raining." Sudden downpour.). Yes this could have hit right before the election, but it's doubtful that would have helped McCain. It does hold up the one crucial vote in the next Congress to get things done. I see neocon puppet master's at work here. I'm not a conspiracy nut kind of guy, but after what happened in Alabama with Seligman and here in New Mexico that led to the firing of eight special prosecutors being investigated for partisan political prosecutions... It's not too much of a leap.
Today a former special prosecutor, Barry Corbin in today's New York Times, is finally coming forward to say Fitzgerald is violating the rules by tainting the jury pool for a fair trial. Inflammatory statements prior to even an indictment is a serious no-no. But then again when under this President has anyone in our government been concerned playing by the rules?

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