Thursday, April 02, 2009

Gloom, doom and insanity

What's on everyones mind these days? It's the economy, and boy is that a depressing thought.
Obama has so far been a mixed bag. His stimulus package was a good first step, but the dealings with Wall Street, AIG, the banks have been business as usual. We could have gotten this approach by electing McCain.
What I only found out in a round about way was that the CEO of GM was forced out by Obama when it was discovered that the guy had used the bail out money to develop a new car (read related post at my FAF blog). Yes the guy's an idiot, too damn dumb to breath, but almost all the other CEO's that Obama is throwing money at evidently aren't any brighter or even remotely in touch with reality. Read Stuart Whatley's take on this at the Huffington Post today.
I particularly dislike someone from the political party most strongly supported by Unions that then blames the unions for all our economic problems. I'm feeling a little buyer's remorse when it comes to Obama's treatment of the auto unions and the economy in general. I'd originally planned to give him a full hundred days before I said anything, but it's clear that on the economy he's staying the course and heaven help us as Obama certainly isn't.
On the military front it's good that he set a time table for getting out of Iraq, but I'm not so sure about the escalation in Afghanistan. Do we have a clear goal in mind after 7 and a half years of being there as to what we actually want to accomplish? Is there an exit strategy? How much is this going to cost us? Certain things Obama criticized Bush about.

Israel's Foreign minister has now claimed it (Israel) is not bound by the 2007 Annapolis agreement, which only said Israel would set down to discuss a Palestinian State some time in the future. Alright neanderthugs Netanyahu and Leiberman why don't you stop the bullshit then. Have your military drive all palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank out of these areas. Herd them like cattle into Egypt and Jordan. Grab all the land under the right of conquest. It's obviously what you intend to do anyway. So get on with it. 
You're not fooling anyone now when you have declared you have no intention of even discussing the possibility of a palestinian state. Declare Israel a Muslim free zone, destroy all their mosques including the Dome of the Rock, rebuild your Temple (not that you've needed animal sacrifice for over two thousand years).
I wonder if that would wake America up why the Muslim world fears and hates Israel? Maybe we'd stop writing them a blank check concerning their actions.

April Fools day was very appropriate for the unveiling of the Republican budget. Old Regimes never wake up until the mob is tearing them to pieces.

I think I'm getting a little cranky.


One Fly said...

One can honestly say things are better but in most ways it's business as usual. We continue to be in a pool of shit up to our lower lip.

P M Prescott said...

And it just keeps getting higher.

Jeff9 said...

Doomsday advice: if the economy collapsed (op, did I say that?) and you couldn’t buy toilet paper what would you do? Get a bathroom bidet sprayer from and you won’t have to worry about it. The water will still be running long after the toilet paper stops reaching the store shelves and in the mean time you’ll be saving money that you can use to stock up on canned soup. Think I'm joking? Wait till you have to choose between those rolls of super-soft Charmin or a sandwich.