Saturday, May 30, 2009

Another nice get together

Private Buffoon and I had a nice second meeting of the Old Geezers Klub. Would that be Omega Gamma Kappa if we were a fraternity? Woody called after I got home and he went to the wrong Applebees. The gal behind the bar was a former student, they're hard to get away from after all the years I've taught.


Russ said...

I spent some time about 5 years ago in the south, Alabama and Tennessee and one of the things I noticed is that southerners are very shallow when it comes to empathy. Not many homeless shelters and going to church is a for show thing. So when it comes to abortion they don't really give much thought or discussion and just go along with whatever the church and their shallow friends espouse. Go along to get along, and they view outsiders (northerners) as devil worshiping elites. Still fighting the Civil War. And as more northerners migrate to southern states and influence, although slowly, the locals views of things it isolates those very far right people who refuse to think for themselves. Hence the isolation and the pockets of Republican, I was gonna say values, but I'll say loyalty, allow for an ever decreasing and just like moonshine a distilled and increasingly dangerous brew of thought and action.

P M Prescott said...

The problem is that the general population may be liberalizing, but the "Good ole boys" still run the show.