Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Life Hypocrisy

Private Buffoon had this to say today:

I'd be more sympathetic to the pro-life folks IF:
They didn't applaud murder.
They were pro-LIVING: supporting, e.g.,
Aid to single mothers
Early childhood education
As it is, my impression is that once fetus metamorphoses into newborn, they lose all interest in the LIFE before them.

I would only add that they regain their interest if a person is in a constant vegetative state racking up medical bills for years on the public purse, or if they're in great pain from a terminal illness and long to have their suffering ended.

If they value life so much why are they supportive of the death penalty? Gung ho for any war no matter how many lies are told to get us into it, and justify the use of torture?

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