Thursday, December 17, 2009

Stardate 121709.1425

Captain's log:
I'm having a hard time deciding how I feel about the situation we've encountered here at Health Moon Alpha.

Spock (Paul Krugman)
Captain, we need to land and disembark the settlers. The moon is not as perfect for human habitation as we'd wish, but at least it offers shelter for some.

McCoy (Howard Dean)
Damn it Jim, the settlers will be worse off on the moon than the conditions they're existing in now. We've got find a better planet.
Bones, how long can they stay in cryonics before all of them die?
We can't keep them in a constant state of cryonics. Many since our last attemt at safe haven have died and many are about to die if they don't find some sort of refuge soon. But if we land them here half of them will be dead in a year, there's just not enough oxygen in the atmosphere to support that many.
I say we fight the Romulans (blue dogs) who won't let us past WRR (Women's Reproductive Rights) Prime or the Klingons (Republicans) who have refused us safe passage to the better planets behind their space cruisers.
Captain, if time is of the essence fighing will only delay what's needed now. Take what the Klingons and Romulans are allowing us to have.
You pointed eared, unfeeling, cold blooded, Vulcan. Half of them living is better than all of them so it doesn't affect your schedule. When are you going to realize that there's a time to push back the barricades of ignorance and spite so that these people have a fighting chance.
Arm photon torpedoes and charge the phasor banks. Sulu set a course directly for Klingon territory. Warp Three.
Aye, aye, Captain.

All Right Democrats which is it going to be? Will the Republicans win because of one bitter motherfucker. A shit eater that will deny only out of spite a public option and lowering of Medicare to age 55.

No public option, no buy down for Medicare, no health reform.

Sorry Krugman, forcinig by law 30 million Americans to buy health insurance without a public option during a depression is insane. You cannot make that large a percentage of the population (10%) face criminal penalties or fines! It's unenforceable!
If this passes the Republicans win because the popular reaction when this hits the fan will all be blamed on the Democrats and Obama. This is not a win, this is suicide.

What if no health reform bill passes and we try again next year? It's a lousy option but better than the Senate bill as it stands now. What it will mean is to stop being cowards and caving in to the neanderthals. It's time to fight with every political tool avalable. This isn't a fight with pitch forks it's a fight of public relations. It has to be fought on the blogs, on the airwaves, on the billboards. It takes money to win this fight. Obama and Howard Dean proved they can raise tons of money off the internet to get elected. Now lets see if they can get the money off the internet to get the weasles in the pay of big business out of office and get a congress with some balls.
Krugman thinks that killing the health reform now will end it for another twenty years. I respectfully disagree. I think we're at critical mass. If the dims would grow a set, they'd attack the Republicans for fillibustering decent bills and killing millions of American each year due to lack of affordable coverage. They should kick out of the dim caucus any blue dog and asshole in chief, strip them of all committe chairs and run a true dim against them for re-election. The Democratic party needs to use a failure decent health reform legislation this year and blame it squarely on the ones blocking the road to true reform.
Why are they so fucking afraid of the tea baggers?


One Fly said...

Agreed! It's so easy to just list the facts. You swear quite nicely Patrick.

They don't fight because they've been threatened with harm or much worse.

P M Prescott said...

My Dad was a Marine drill sergeant it comes naturally.