Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Quite a diatribe

Woody has a rather lengthy post at his Station Charon blog on why he is leaving the political left.
One of his many points is that Obama is continuing all the policies of Bush that we voted against. And that nothing has changed, that the same words are coming out of Obama's mouth, more articulately perhaps, that came out of Bushes.

This brought a couple of things to mind.
When I was in college and we were covering WWII and looking at Communism and the Nazi's it was asked of the professor, "What's the difference?"
Whereupon the fine lady answered, "On paper a great deal, in practice not much."
The comes a point at which the left and right go so far great circle that they meet. I think that's where we're at now.

The other is Alduous Huxley's Animal Farm at the end of the story when all the other farm animals are looking in the window of the farm house that the Pigs have taken over and then invited the humans back for a party. When they see them together and can see no difference.

Is the tea party movement acting like Mercutio? "A plague on both your houses?"

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