Friday, January 22, 2010

The Day Democracy Died

Our fine republic has been on life support for ten years. Today the Supreme Court pulled the plug. It ruled that corporations may fill the airwaves in support of which ever candidate they choose with unlimited tax free money.
It's been bad enough that they fill the coffers of politicians with campaign contributions making them the best corporate servants money can buy (they stopped being public servants a long time ago), but now they don't have to bother with campaign contributions they can just pick a candidate flood the airwaves with their advertising dollars and the gullible sheep that bought the swift boat lies will check the corporate approved candidate's box on election day. We got rid of this kind of economic electoral blackmail with the secret ballot, but thanks to a Supreme Court that elected Bush, they've now stabbed our Constitution in the back again giving mindless, soulless, rapaciously money hungry entities, that are in all other ways immune from laws with human rights.
The Zombies have taken over our government and will feast on human flesh for years to come.


One Fly said...

And they are ravenously hungry. The coup has begun in earnest!

P M Prescott said...

Yes, this shark feeding frenzy will make the Indianapolis look like a picnic.