Friday, January 22, 2010

Really Pissed Off

I've taken over a writers group that meets once a month. The gentleman who coordinated it before me handed over an e-mail address list so I could contact all those who are a part of the group. just under 200 on the list. I set up a new e-mail account for the list with MSN's It took quite awhile to enter in all those addresses, but the site says you can mail up to 300 at a time, you just have to build up for a few weeks. I've sent out some test e-mails ten at a time a couple of days and after the intial ten the next ten I'd have to verify with one of those letter things. After that it would block any more e-mails, it says for 24 hours. I haven't sent an e-mail since last weekend and when I checked the account today I wanted to reply to one of the members who had e-mailed me about finding the blog I started for the group. It blocked me from sending a reply. There is only their pat answer sheet that you can turn to for help and no one to either e-mail or call to ask what gives.

So Fuck the son's of bitches.

I'll have to redo all the addresses into a yahoo acount I've had for years but seldom use.

Goddamn the bastards!

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