Wednesday, February 17, 2010


On election night 2008 I had the distasteful duty of being in Glorieta with my wife's colleagues being forced to watch the election returns on Fuckoff news. Fat toad Karl Rove trying to explain why McSellout and Lady Airhead were losing. What was worse was having to listen to Bill O'Reilly. I felt like asking the wife to dip me in honey and feed me to the ants. I almost gnawed off most of my tongue from having to bite it and stop me from speaking my mind and possibly getting wifey fired.

Still O'Reilly said something that is making more and more sense today. When asked if he was disappointed that his Republicans were losing he responded:

"I'm not a republican. I'm an anarchist."

More and more I'm reading articles on Huffpost, Atltnet, Tom Pain, DailyKos, Krugman, Scott Horton, etc accusing the obstructionist minority of Nihilism. Social Darwinism was always a component of the Reagan revolution, but it has become the dominant theme. We are now living in a dog eat dog world. They may call themselve the Tea Party, but look at them, really look at the ravening wolves ready to tear apart Obama and anything that even remotely might make the average wage earner's life better like decent health care, a living wage, banks that act like banks instead of casinos, anything that will stop climate change...

Welcome to the world of Soylent Green where people are treated like trash. Every house has someone with an AK-47 protecting it. The air's not fit to breath and don't even think about the food. Like all Science Fiction writers Harry Harrison looked into the future and was dead on in his assessment of what would happen.

It's time we all became Stainless Steel Rats.


One Fly said...

That is no shit my friend!

swordfish1543 said...

uhh... you're starting to sound like woody!

One Fly said...

Woody and I must have been on the same page for a while. He just states it better than I Russ.

P M Prescott said...

As irritating as Woody can be in person, and a year ago I thought he was too cynical about Obama, but so far he's been dead on concerning what little the Dems have done.