Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Just when you think...

Nothing more can happen it usually does.
Had a department meeting. We were given a list of 69 words, this tells you how stupid those were who came up with this list that they couldn't think of at least one more so the numerology wouldn't get the students to laugh and snicker!
Anyway these are the holy grail of vocabulary for all of Social Studies. They come from NM, US, World, Government and Economics. We are now to test all students over these words to get them ready for the SBA in April. Only Juniors take the test, but all students have work on these words.
And we have to keep data on the student scores. Every department has their own list of vocabulary to have data that satisfies some high paid under worked asshole at central office to justify his or her job.
This is what we now are required to do and keep data in lock step with all other teachers:
  • Map tests: NM has 50 items that students have to be able to locate on a map, US and World have 100. This actually does have educational value in my book. Tests are given four times a semester. I usually have the last one each semester on my final.
  • Extended response tests: One per week. Same tests for each subject. It has a short passage with three multiple choice questions and one essay question. Sometimes a political cartoon instead of passage.
  • Now we have the vocabulary tests.
Who gives a fuck what's in the textbooks anymore. We don't have time to use them or cover the actual material all we're doing is teaching to the goddamn test.


One Fly said...

It won't be long and you'll be done. That's going to be a great day and feeling!

P M Prescott said...

You've got that right!