Monday, October 11, 2010


Much is being made out of John Lennon's 70th birthday. I'm not one of his fans. I never liked the Beetles. The one song they trot out from the hundreds he wrote and co-wrote is Imagine.
It has a beautiful melody, but the words are ugly. He tries to frame in the song for all of us to imagine no government, no religion and has the stupidly simplistic idea that without them all people would live in a utopia of brotherhood. How absurd! Anarchy in it's other name is Social Darwinism, or survival of the biggest gun.
In 2008 Bill O'reilly was commenting on fake news on election night. Another commenter asked him how the Republicans were taking this. O'reilly answered that he wasn't a Republican, he is an anarchist.
Isn't that pretty much what all the tea baggers are promoting? Anarchy!
Well if you want to see what happens when there's no government and no one pays any attention to the religious leaders, take a good long look at Mexico right now. Just don't get too close or you might get caught in the cross fire.

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