Sunday, October 17, 2010

Buyers Remorse

I well remember two years ago after Obama was elected the exultations and predictions that the Republican party was finished for at least ten years. I said back then don't count them out the American public has a really short memory.
Two years later and the majority of the american public has forgotten Bush fucking us over and over for eight years. Now Obama is the cause of all our woes and wars.
It seems that we're going to have a Texas transplant teabagger for our next governor and in Washington congress is going to shut down for the next two years.
Did Obama and the democratic congress accomplish as much as we wanted? No. But they did accomplish a number of important things. For the next two years they'll be fighting like hell to keep regulations on Wall Street and health care reform. Forget about extending unemployment or another stimulus package to save jobs.
Between a teabagger governor and gridlock in Washington public schools are toast.

Goddamn the mindless imbiciles sitting and watching fake news and buying the crap marketing of character assassination that passes for a political campaign today. They're going to get what they deserve for either not voting or voting reptilian. They'll get eaten, but so will all those who tried to stop the feeding frenzy.

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