Friday, October 22, 2010

BP Through The Roof

At F&F I've posted about a recent court case ruling teacher don't have first amendment rights.

A few thoughts from a retired teacher.
  • A k-12 teacher's speech is highly regulated. It has to be age appropriate and politically correct. Not only can they not say the words forbidden on network TV, but they can't allow the students to say them without a consequence. It's easy to keep yourself from saying the F word or the N word or the B word, but to keep the kids from saying it is tough. Especially if you give a consequence for doing so the administration won't back you up and the parents complain your picking on their precious child.
  • History is all about airing dirty laundry. How much and at what age should students be exposed to the nasty ways devised for inflicting pain on the human body in warfare? Religious practices? Caligula? Teachers walk a mine field on students wanting to find out about the down and dirty and what is age appropriate.
  • The real mine field for all subjects is getting the students attention, and with this sacred cows make the best hamburger, and not getting some uptight, nose out of joint, do gooder, self-righteous asshole of a parent or community member from throwing a temper tantrum.
  • Most teachers cave. Parents complain threaten a lawsuit, administration calls in teacher tells them to stop, teacher's blood pressure goes throught the roof, they spend a few sleepless nights feeling like they've been screwed with their pants on and do what they're told. It's not worth getting fired over. Students lose.
  • Everyone wonders why students aren't learning anything today. I wonder why?

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