Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Wade Burleson has two posts concerning the strangulation of the SBC by Fundamentalists. I've seen it happen since a renegade state supreme court judge from Texas and a loud mouthed associate pastor of FBC Dallas decided to use political hardball tactics to gain control of the convention.
Bill Moyer had an episode of his PBS Journal detailing this take-over and asked the question, "Could these same tactics take over our government?"
Until the day George W Bush was elected president my answer to Moyer's question was no. That we had more checks and balances than the SBC's bylaws. One branch couldn't exert that much influence, yada yada yada.

Our government has been taken over by Fundamentalists whether theological or not. The same mind set and tactics apply and are on display this very moment across the country.
Wade gives the five steps of fundamentalism:
The words in blue are my extrapolations on how the same mind set is affecting our elections today.
(1). Make a third-tier, non-gospel doctrine a first-tier doctrine upon which without agreement no Christian fellowship will occur.
My way or no way, political polarization with no compromise.
Pick an issue like tax cuts, or abortion, stem cell research that has nothing to do the real problems our country is facing, but because of them thwart or obstruct anything the party in power tries to do.

(2). Suggest that any "professing believer" who disagrees with the Fundamentalist's interpretation is immoral ("corinthianistic") or perhaps "unsaved."
Those against the war and building up the military are anti-american. The only Republicans are patriotic rhetoric. Bill Clinton was a womanizer and had a groupie, impeach him. The fact that those impeaching him were doing the same thing or even worse doesn't matter. Tell the lie that Democrats are immoral and Republican moral and the people will believe it. No matter how many times it's proved untrue it doesn't matter, most people don't want to change their minds once they've accepted something as true.
(3). Shut down debate on any questionable interpretation of Scripture by engaging in destructive personalized attacks against those who disagree.
Does any politician talk about the issues anymore. Character assassination is all that's left. Ever listened to a reptilian on Sunday morning talk show?, they have diarrhea of the mouth. They have so many talking points to spew out, not that anyone can understand a word they're saying that anyone else is deprived a chance to speak. The don't debate because they won't let the other side say anything.
(4). Delete or ignore any comment that places the Fundamentalist's logic in a poor light.
See comment above.
(5). Become so worked up over tertiary issues that eventually the power of the gospel is lost.
Is there an exit strategy for the wars bankrupting our country? Getting our economy back on track? Doing something constructive with illegal immigration? Rebuilding infrastructure? Truly improving education?
No, both sides are too busy posturing and throwing mud and keeping the other party from actually accomplishing something.

The Tea Party you might say is the most fundamental party. Even the head reptile Newt, (isn't it wonderful his name is of the reptilian variety?) says they're crazy. I mean they want to close public schools, make masturbation a crime, abolish all birth control, etc.
Wade in his second post gives reasons why fundamentalism is so destructive:
The list is from John Piper giving seven reasons why Dr. Gresham Mechan disliked the term fundamentalist.

(1). The absence of historical perspective;
(2). The lack of appreciation of scholarship;
(3). The substitution of brief, skeletal creeds for the historic confessions;
(4). The lack of concern with precise formulation of Christian doctrine;
(5). The pietistic, perfectionist tendencies (i.e., hang-ups with smoking, drinking alchohol, etc . . );
(6). One-sided otherworldliness (i.e., a lack of effort to transform the culture), and,
(7). A penchant for futuristic chiliasm (or: premillennialism).

Go down this list and check off everyone that applies to Dubbya and the quitter from Alaska. They pretty much match up. Look at the damage Dubby did in eight years. Think of all the damage that will happen after the coming election.


swordfish1543 said...

nitpicking: newts are amphibians, not reptiles.

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I stand corrected.