Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Don't Blame Obama

I'm not happy about the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy getting another two years. You'd think that he could have at least negotiated for the same number of years extensions on unemployment and payroll taxes instead of being set up for a fall in 2012. At this point I don't think he wants a second term. I think in January of 2012 he'll go on the air and say: "A plague on both your houses."
There is howling by the dims in congress and most of the blogs I've read are raking Obama over the coals, even some of his former aides. Krugman gave it a luke warm assessment. Huffpo is screaming about the prez being a bad poker player.
Well the problem he's facing, from my point of view, is that the poker hands are all face up and the Reptilians hold all the aces thanks to last months election.
If the wealthy get to keep their tax cuts and the poor get poorer it's because the poor were too stupid to know they were being conned by Reptilian advertising and are getting what they deserve. If you make less than a million a year and voted Republican don't come crying on my shoulder when your taxes are too high, your children are cannon fodder ten thousand miles away and there are no jobs. I voted to make a difference and lost. You voted against your economic interests and there were more of you than me.
If the senate votes this down, yes the wealthy lose their tax cuts, but the middle class gets tax increases too, and the unemployed don't get an extension on their benefits. There was no way Obama could bluff the reptilians here, they have the dims over a barrel. Now if there were a fillibuster proof senate, no blue dogs, and dim control of congress they could have ended Bushes tax cuts, then again it would be nice if rain water was soda pop, but it ain't.


RealityZone said...

A major point that every one is missing is that Obama has not fought for one progressive thought. Not one.
This whole debate should have been brought up before the mid term elections.
They should have been brought up and voted on separately.
Also no one is mentioning that O also lost out on the "death" inheritance tax.
He wasted too much time and political capital on a b.s. Health care program.
Obama MUST be challenged for 2012 from with in his own party.

P M Prescott said...

You're right. For all intents and purposes he's lame duck for the next two years.