Saturday, December 11, 2010

Happy Holidays

All wars are rather stupid, but the so called war on Christmas is by far the most insane one on the books.
All the ranting and raving over calling the winter solstice holidays is nothing but pure puffery by imbiciles trying to make an issue over nothing.

Is Christmas a holiday? Yes: Everyone agrees on this.
Is Christmas the only holiday this time of year? No: Everyone agrees on this too
Should Christmas be the only holiday this time of year? Ah, here's the rub. The Moral Mafia want exclusivity. Sorry funidies, you're not the only ones that live here, and you don't have the right to cram your religion down everyone's throat.

Why is the Friday after Thanksgiving called Black Friday? Because that' the first day of the year when most retailers go from red ink to black ink in their ledger sheets.
So if you're a retailer that is trying to get everyone's business an all inclusive phrase that kills many birds with one stone works.
Happy Hollidays, read into it what you will.

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