Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Stardate 031511.0901

  • Need to rest up today from all the running around I did yesterday
  • Have Optimus:Praetorian Guard available for Amazon Kindle, Mom tried to download it yesterday and couldn't get it to work. Frustration level reaching critical.
  • First short story, Wife Quest, on Kindle and will be on Nook tomorrow or Thursday.
  • Editing numerous short stories I've written over the years and will have them ready for e-stories shortly.
  • Legal case on hiatus and Steve's office has moved, there's not much room for me to write without being in the way.
  • Moved daughter's bed over to Mom's giving us a room to set up as an office so I can do my writing in there without being bothered by grandkids.
  • Planning on starting interiews of friends to tell their stories. Will audio tape and then transcribe possibly post them on this blog page. It will give me more use for it.

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