Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Captain's Log stardate 082411.1240

Books, TV and movies focus on Lawyers. They show secretaries (who do most of the work) and mention para-legals. There's nary a word said about legal assistants or runners. I can't complain too much since I have no legal training and what I do for Attorney X is grunt work and he pays me more out of the goodness of his heart than my ability.
He's started picking up cases out of town. Last year a criminal case in Los Lunas and now Domestic cases in Santa Fe and Rio Rancho. The last two weeks I've made a half dozen trips to the courthouse on the northern edge of Rio Rancho, which means it's only a few miles south of the town of Bernalillo. It's easiest to take I-25 to Bernalillo, go through the town across the river, past Santa Anna Star Casino and back on Hwy 528. It seems like for every set of documents I take there is something wrong and I have to bring them back, get Att X to sign them or correct them and take them back. Friday I took a set of papers out there at 12:10 only to find out they close on Fridays at 12:00. Jupiter Optimus Maximus! This is getting old. Att X is paying me for my time and gas money, so the wild goose chases he is at least paying for, but the wear and tear on me fighting the heat and traffic is taking a toll.
Today he had me deliver a letter that had to be in Santa Fe by 10:00am. He was supposed to meet me at his office at 0800 so I could drive his car up there and back or I was going to ask for mileage. When it's that far gas money doesn't cover it. He didn't show up until 0815. Still plenty of time. I'd printed a google map of the place I needed to be and got to the turn off at 0900. Every road ended with a gated private drive. I went back to a gas station bought a map and found Google doesn't have a clue where that little dirt road is located. Delivered the letter at 0955, said, "Tag, you're it." and headed back.
I don't mind running papers to be signed or processed at the county courthouse here, but the stuff out of town is driving me crazy.
Good part is that now I can sit and do more writing before picking the wife up and heading home.

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