Sunday, August 21, 2011

Deny Deny Deny

A. Larry Ross has a post on the Daily Beast. Saying that Christian Dominionism is a myth.
Kind of reminds me of the classroom. I see little Chrissy or Johnny turned around talking. I tell them to turn around and be quiet and they immediately say, "I wasn't talking." They think the act of denying what they are doing negates the fact they were.
A. Larry Ross can deny Christian Dominionism exists all he wants to, but it's a lie. Michelle Bachman, the quitter from Alaska and Rick Perry are all hip deep in Dominionism. Dominionists don't want the Elmer and Emily Fudd's out there to know what they stand for, because most American's would run screaming from a country they want to create.
They want a theocracy where God rules and the preachers are His police force. They are Calvinists and want to set up their version of Heaven on Earth like John Calvin tried in Geneva, and the Puritans set up under Oliver Cromwell during the Interregnum, and New England when the English had a belly full of them and kicked them over here.


One Fly said...

It's true and they might very well get 'er done.

P M Prescott said...

That's what so scary.